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What is SH1FT?

SH1FT is a game where you run, jump and most importantly invert gravity in order to reach the exit and progress to the next level. There are 20 levels in total. This game was originally posted on GameJolt and on the LÖVE2D forums back in early april this year. I think I'll be uploading my upcoming stuff here on itch.io for the forseeable future so I might aswell upload some of my old stuff here so that I have something resembling a portfolio.

Controls(by default).

jump = 'w'

move right = 'd'

move left = 'a'

invert gravity = 'space'

switch = 'shift'


toggle fullscreen = 'F1'

increase sound volume = '+' or 'F3'

decrease sound volume = '-' or 'F2'


SH1FT V1.2.rar 10 MB

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